Celestial Navigation Endorsement

Published by Swain Sailing School and Yacht Charters on Friday, 4th January 2002 - 11:12AM in BVI courses


Intro to Celestial Navigation

Certification: ASA 117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement


1. Describe the terms and theory of Basic Celestial Navigation.Using a traditional sextant and Nautical Almanac and without the use of a programmed calculator or computer:

2. Convert between standard time and zone time to GMT/UT in either direction.

3. Calculate the zone time at a given longitude.

4. Determine the times of sunrise, sunset and civil twilight for a vessel’s position.

5. Describe and identify the parts, principals and operation of a traditional sextant.

6. Determine altitudes of the Sun and Polaris by a traditional sextant.

7. Obtain Latitude and Longitude at noon (LAN) by applying the sextant corrections for conversions of the raw sextant altitudes (hs) of the Sun to the true celestial altitudes (HO) of the Sun.

8. Determine the vessel’s latitude and Estimated Position at morning and evening twilight by means of the altitude of Polaris.

9. Plot latitudes and EPs on a chart.

Study Materials (included in tuition)

Latitude & Longitude from the Noon Sun by John Karl



Course Structure

1 day classroom based course 9-5; noon sighting will be taken at Beavertail.



Maximim Class Size: 8

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