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Fast Track to Bareboating – Accelerated Bareboat Cruising Certification

Options: Cruising Monohull or Cruising Catamaran

Certifications: Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising (and Catamaran Cruising if completing your cruising training on a catamaran).

Fast Track is designed for beginners and those who have had some sailing experience, but little to no formal training who enjoy learning at an accelerated pace.

This 8 day / 7 night course combines our two day Basic Keelboat course and six day Live Aboard Cruising course, offering the most comprehensive sailing course you will find anywhere. Upon completion of this course, students will have the skills, confidence and international certification necessary to bareboat charter a monohull up to 54'.

The key to learning at a more accelerated pace is training on the correct boats and learning from excellent instructors who know how to teach the fundamentals of sailing and have the years of experience not just sailing, but teaching sailing and can impart their knowledge to their students beyond what the standards require.

Course Format: The Progression from Basic Keelboat to Live Aboard Cruising

The progression from Basic Keelboat, covering the fundamentals of sailing to training on a cruising boat helps to reinforce the material, mechanics and techniques.

Fast Track to Bareboating is comprised of two parts. The Basic Keelboat curriculum is structured to challenge every level of person and rewards each with the objective and subjective know how to command a boat of this size. Review the curriculum and itinerary for this segment of the course here.

The second component of the course is Live Aboard Cruising. This portion of the course is designed to instill complete confidence in captaining a bigger (+36') sailboat. Bareboating is not necessarily difficult to do. If you want to do it with comfort and confidence, this is the correct and best course to get you to your goal. Review the curriculum and itinerary for this segment of the course here.

If opting for cruising training on a catamaran, the following catamaran curriculum will be covered in addition to the standard curriculum.  Link to catamaran curriculum

Check tuition rates and schedule times on the Course Tuition Schedule. Private tuition is also available.

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