Press Release - Post Irma

Published by Swain Sailing School and Yacht Charters on Wednesday, 4th October 2017 - 1:55PM


Press Release- Post Irma

October 4, 2017

We can't even begin to express our gratitude to all who have called and emailed with heartwarming messages of concern and support for our staff and for all of the BVI community in the wake of hurricane Irma. Thank you!

The media has shown the devastation to the Caribbean Islands. There is no individual or business in the BVI that was not impacted by Irma. Nearly one month since Irma wreaked havoc on the BVI, we want to celebrate the resilience of the BVI community and take this opportunity to show the determination of the BVIslanders and local businesses as they rebuild. We encourage the many loyal BVI tourists who return year after year, as well as those who have been planning their first trip to the BVI, to keep your plans to visit the BVI this season -or schedule a previously  unplanned trip. There are many ways to help the BVI community rebuild. The generosity shown through donations to the many organized relief funds has been amazing. Swain will be assisting in the rebuild and relief efforts by donating 5% of tuitions confirmed during the month of October to the most critical situations.  Our yachts being delivered down from Newport to the BVI will be made available to transport necessary supplies.  For those joining Swain in a training course or charter over the next few months who would like to stay on for a few days to assist the community in relief projects, we will offer accommodations at no charge onboard our boats based on availability.

 The Good News:

The following reports have been shared with us:

The cruising grounds and mooring balls were not impacted and popular snorkel sites such as the Baths, the Indians, Monkey point, the Caves are reported to be in good shape.  Reports from the ARK-BVI are that the dive sites inspected were nearly completely untouched, such as the Wreck of the Rhone.

The ferries are running daily from St. Thomas. EIS airport commercial service has resumed.

VIrgin Islands Port Authority

Native Son Ferry

Road Town Fast Ferry

Nanny Cay is in the process of repairing damage to some of their buildings. New docks for the in the inner marina have been ordered. Their new outer marina is in good shape. They have fuel, water, food, wife, electricity powered by generators at the moment, but full current should be restored in the next month or so.

View "Little Snippets of Daily Progress after Irma" posted on Nanny Cay's Facebook page.

There are establishments for food and drinks throughout the BVI. Some that experienced more severe damage are aiming to open in November- early December. Some may have makeshift restaurants in the interim:

Foxys is open.

Myetts is planning to reopen around Thanksgiving.

Other local establishments are open for food, drinks and wifi: .


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