Paul Todd

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Paul Todd

An Englishman, Paul Todd (Toddy) began sailing at the age of 12. He completed his schooling aboard HMS Conway, on the Menai Straits of North Wales, before joining the UK Merchant Fleet as an apprentice Deck Officer, later joining the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue helicopter fleet as a Navigator/Winch operator.

Throughout his career, both in UK and the Mediterranean, Paul maintained a keen interest in sailing of all sorts, qualifying as a Royal Yachting Association Senior Instructor with experience in dinghies, keelboats, powerboats and yachts.

In 2000 as a Senior Flying Instructor at the Search and Rescue Training School, Paul returned to the West coast where he continued to cruise and race whilst becoming enthusiastically involved in coaching the Welsh National Youth Squad in both 29ers and keelboats. He now enjoys the warmer waters of the BVI!

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