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Catamaran Cruising

Learn to Sail in the World's Best Sailing Waters.




Rhode Island



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Multihull Sailing - Cruising Catamaran Course

ASA 114 Certification

BVI Training Boats: Astrea 42, Isla 40, Elba 45

New England Training Boats: Astrea 42 , Elba 5

Contact Us to ask about boats available in Antigua and USVI

Catamaran Sailing Instruction and Certification

Prerequisites: ASA 101 Basic Keelboat, 103 Coastal Cruising, 104 Bareboat Cruising  

For recreational sailors interested in sailing as a family activity, or for sailors that just prefer the feel of sailing on multihulls, cats are the growing boat of choice for many. Catamarans offer spaciousness, comfort and no heeling. The cruising catamaran course covers terminology and hardware identification specific to cats; identifying the differences between multihulls and monohulls, including systems, boat handling under power and under sail, person overboard, heavy weather sailing, anchoring and docking the boat.

This certification course should provide you with a strong foundation for multihull sailing and is achievable in 1-2 days if your Bareboat Cruising pre-requisite has been met. Alternatively we do offer this course in our group course offerings (4 student maximum) in our 6 day/5 night Live Aboard Cruising format. 

We also offer private courses. To schedule private instruction, charter your catamaran through Swain for 5 days or longer and book your cruising cat course instructor for five days and then continue on to bareboat charter. If you have achieved your Bareboat Cruising certification prior to this course, you have the option to schedule your instructor for the first two days and then continue on to bareboat charter.

Training Options:

Contact us to register for a group course, or to request a quote for private training.

Tuition Rates

1 day course: $800 per person (for those with catamaran experience but not formal training).

2 day course: $1650 per person (full ASA 114 course)

This course is also included in Live Aboard Cruising Courses. Click here for a rate.


  • Identify and describe hardware on vessel

  • Operating a multihull sailboat and understand performance of the boat

  • Foul weather 

  • Docking the boat under various conditions and circumstances

  • Man Over Board drills 

  • Maneuvering the boat under power

  • Points of sail and optimal sail trim

  • Anchoring

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